Friends of KCLSO

Become a Friend of KCLSO today!

This year we’re proud to be launching our ‘Friends of KCLSO’ scheme and we would appreciate your support by becoming a Friend. In return we hope you will enjoy these great benefits!

Join for just £30 for the whole academic year and as a Friend, you will receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • 2 x free tickets to any KCLSO concert
  • Up to 4 tickets at a 20% discount reserved in advance, to any KCLSO concert
  • Access to a regular exclusive newsletter updating you on the orchestra’s latest activities and upcoming projects
  • Your name (with permission) in concert programs and on website

Furthermore, if you become a friend before, or at, our first concert of the academic year on 3rd December 2016, we would like to thank you with a free glass of wine or soft drink at this event.

Our funding is very limited and the cost of running such an orchestra can be very high. We are also aware that finance can be a barrier to membership and we hope our Friends’ scheme will alleviate any financial burdens for members of the orchestra.

If you would like to become a Friend, please fill in the online form below or email with any queries or questions!


We would like to thank our friends who have supported us so far:

Mr Paul Bassett

Mr Anthony Blaiklock

Mrs L. Breingan

Mrs Trish Bryant

Miss April Chamberlain

Miss K. Cunningham

Miss Dorothea Hackman

Mr & Mrs John Lockey

Mr Ian Morris

Mrs Wenna Thompson

Mrs Catherine Twomey

Mr Paul Twomey

Mrs D. Winup

Miss Jierong Zhao